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What is Cloudscape?

Cloudscape Productions LLC is my startup company. It focuses on the creation and distribution of digital entertainment. Its mission statement is:

To unite the world’s entertainment and make it easily accessible.

It’s a company I started in 2009 and have been working towards the development of a social network/distribution/self-publishing platform. It’s goal is to become a new type of social networking platform that focuses not only on the traditional features of social networking such as user profiles, activities and the like, but on the creative works and projects they’ve participated in. I want to make an effort to focus on individual creativity.

One way it could benefit employers…

I want an employer to access the applicant’s creative works section of their profile and see the projects they’ve developed and participated in throughout their life, the skills they’ve used to develop their projects and active projects that are currently in development. I want to make it so the employer has all the information they need on their applicant to make a decision instead of going to a particular social networking site, portfolio page and any additional sources needed in the hiring process.

Ultimately, I want to greatly shorten the hiring process by giving the employer all the information they need to make a decision!

One way it could benefit friends and family…

I want family members, friends and those in the user’s social circle to view their particular interests and hobbies. If they want to know the specific musicians they listen to, great! Video games? Great! Movies?  Books? TV Shows? All that and more! I want to make it easy for people to learn about one another not only by what’s written in their biography, but by the things they enjoy too! Also, they won’t ever have to worry about what to get them for special occasions because their wish list is also available in their profile!

One way it could benefit content providers, advertisers and similar parties…

Something that I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time is how I could make it easier for those wanting their content to reach a larger audience within the platform. One of my methods is making the use of Tags. What I want to do is “tag” various and nearly all submitted content so I can structure it in a way that automates the views towards users who like those types of content. Also, I want to categorize them so each type of content is easily view-able in its own marketplace. For example, during Halloween season, all of these types of content that fall under the umbrella of scary and thriller would be 50% off! A similar approach could be for Christmas, Valentines Day and more! Have content that hasn’t been selling well or displayed in comparison to others in the category? Don’t worry, it’ll moved ahead of the crowd for a specific period of time and possibly on a special discount to encourage purchase! Essentially, I want to establish my “personal playground” of digital content submitted by everyone and create fun and engaging ways to display it within the network!


These are just some of the ways it can be beneficial towards users of all types! The most important thing to consider is that I want everything within the platform to be in digital format. This is because I want to make enjoyable content as easy to access as possible. Also, I want to inspire a new and creative way of distribution that doesn’t rely on physical materials such as plastic and paper…

I could go on and on about my platform but I’d like you to learn more about it if you’re interested. One way is either by contacting me, listening to the podcast or most importantly, go to my company’s official site for videos detailing what I want to do with my company! Hopefully, I can meet like-minded individuals and more importantly, investors who want to financially support my endeavor!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the content I provide!


Caesar Rubio